The TP Link default IP address is, and it’s used to control both the basic and advanced settings for your WiFi extender. It’s a replacement for In other words, your WiFi extender is accessed via the IP address.

It allows you to access the TP Link smart wizard, which guides you through the process of configuring your WiFi extender according to your needs. The default IP address for TP Link is ~, which is a class C IP address range. We’ll walk you through the steps to get to for your extender without any problems

Admin Login at

For the default IP login, follow these steps:

  • Start by turning on your wifi range extender.
  • Now, on your device, open a web browser.
  • Please visit
  • In the login window, type the username and password.
  • Finally, select the Login option

You will now be directed to the admin panel. You can use this page to access the smart setup wizard and alter the settings on your extender. If you have any problems accessing the default IP, please contact our qualified specialists via chat.

Can't Access TP Link Default IP address

Trying to access TP Link’s default IP address and getting a ‘this site can’t be reached’ or ‘ takes too long to respond’ error? Don’t be concerned! You can repair the mistake in a few minutes by following a few troubleshooting methods. First, let’s figure out why this mistake occurs.

The default IP address is, which is a private IP address as described by RFC 1918 standard protocols. Users have difficulty accessing the IP address because it can only be utilised within a private network.

Other reasons why TP Link default IP address is unavailable include:

  • SSID and pre-shared key issues
  • An internet connection could not be established.
  • Using an IP address that is incorrect
  • The extender isn’t set up correctly.
  • WiFi connection is intermittent.
  • IP conflict issue with your home router configuration
  • DNS technical difficulties
  • Inadequate wifi range
  • The server cannot be found.

To resolve the problem, follow the steps below:

  • Verify that the default IP address in the browser window is valid.
  • Check your TP Link extender and router’s cable connections. If any loose cable connections or worn wires are discovered, they must be replaced immediately.
  • Aside from that, search your computer for viruses and malware that are stopping you from accessing the online admin page at
  • Switch to a different web browser to see if the problem is browser-related.
  • Still can’t connect to Contact one of our professionals right now!

What Advanced TP Link Settings Can I Get Using the Default IP?

You can not only complete a new extender setup but also access the advanced settings of your WiFi extender after you log in to the admin page. Let’s have a look at the advanced options available after login in to your wireless extender with the default IP address.
  • Change the default password for the extender
  • Monitor the devices that are linked to your network.
  • Create a schedule for access.
  • Turn on or off the WiFi radio.
  • View and modify your WiFi settings
  • Update the firmware on the extender.
  • Customise your wireless extender’s coverage area.
  • Change the name of your WiFi network
  • Access to a WiFi device is denied.
  • Create a hidden network by turning off the SSID broadcast.

Update TP Link Firmware Using

It is advised that you keep your WiFi extender’s firmware up to current in order for it to function properly. How can you tell whether your extender has the most recent firmware?

It’s actually quite straightforward. All you have to do is log in to and enter the model number of your extender. Then, wherever possible, check for firmware upgrades for your specific device and download the most recent firmware.

Let’s write out the entire procedure for updating the firmware on your extender using the default IP:

  • First and foremost, make sure your WiFi range extender is turned on.
  • After that, open an internet browser.
  • In the address box, type and press the Go button.
  • You will be taken to the login screen. If the login page does not open or displays problems, contact our specialists right away to have the problem repaired in a matter of minutes.
  • To proceed, put in the username and password as soon as the login screen appears.
  • The TP Link dashboard now appears.
  • Select Firmware Update from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Upload button after selecting the firmware file.
  • Allow the firmware update process to finish. Restart your extender after that.

Kudos! Your extender firmware has been successfully updated.

Have a problem? Please relax! Simply select the chat box in the bottom-right corner to receive prompt and permanent assistance from our qualified specialists. Login Password Forgotten? Let's Get That Back!

Don’t worry if you forget your login password! You still have a chance. The forgotten admin password can be recovered using the password recovery feature.

Here’s how to get your WiFi extender’s login password back:

  • Make sure your extender has a stable power source.
  • Open your preferred web browser.
  • Use the default IP address.
  • Select Forgot Password from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the new password you’d like to keep.
  • To make the changes permanent, click the Save button once you’ve finished.

That’s all there is to it! Chat with our highly-experienced professionals via chat if you have any problems. Whether you need assistance accessing your TP Link extender IP or a quick solution to the TP Link admin password not working issue, we’ve got you covered!

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